Tuesday, March 4, 2014


A filmmaking technique teaches us a way to see God in the ordinary.  A cinematographer, Bob Fisher, wrote a passionate article recently about the need for movie crews to spend some time every day reviewing the film that was shot the day before.  By delaying production temporarily to review the previous day's work, filmmakers can spot little mistakes while they can still be corrected and can celebrate what is going right.  In Fisher's words, "Watching film dailies is uplifting. It energizes everyone."

In a similar way, it's a very helpful thing for us to take a few moments to "review the dailies" with God.  You can do this right now by walking through yesterday in your mind with God and asking where He was present and at work in each scene.  Start with the moment when you woke up in the morning.  God was present, waking you up, giving you a mini-resurrection.  What were your first thoughts?  What do you think God wanted to say to you in that moment?

Then go on from one scene to the next through your day.  As I review what happened when I greeted my family, ate breakfast, and went through meetings at work, I see patterns emerging -- the ongoing presence of anxiety or anger -- that I miss when I don't take time to review the dailies.  Most of all, I look and listen to see how God is speaking to me through these scenes.  I realize He was talking to me through the words of another person or the lines of a book or the therapy of laughter.  The more often I review, the better I get at recognizing Him in "real time."

-- John Ortberg in God Is Closer Than You Think


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