Thursday, March 6, 2014


I recently read an article at by Sophia Agtarap, a United Methodist deacon candidate, about creating sacred space in your home. In it she noted that "With the change in seasons comes the opportunity for a change not just in our schedules and wardrobes, but also in our physical, mental and spiritual spaces… This act of creating a sacred space, when done with purpose, can help move us into a deeper connection with ourselves, with God and with our physical environment." She goes on to suggest that while some might set aside a small room to transform, others may simply find a small corner of their space, however big or small.

What are those reminders of the sacred, of faith, that you might include? What are those reminders of love and fellowship, of peace and calm? What are those reminders of the beauty and uniqueness of God's creation? It may be a painting or photograph. It may be the warmth of a glowing candle or the simple shape of the cross. It may be that Bible your grandmother gave you, or a smooth stone from a walk along the lakeshore. "Whatever those pieces are that ground you, and tell you that you are beloved," she wrote, "assemble them to call to you so that whenever you pass them by, you are reminded that you are safe and you are loved."

On my photography website I have captured some images that you might want to consider in creating a sacred space for yourself. They have to do with sunsets and water, wood and stones, crosses and crucifixes, and Lent and Easter. I invite you to visit the various galleries on the website to see what might help you create a sacred space this Lenten season. 
-- Rev. David T. Wilkinson 
David T Wilkinson Photography


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