Thursday, March 20, 2014


A sentence in one of the books [I was reading on osteoporosis prevention] struck me: "Like all living tissue, bone is constantly being broken down and reformed."  The words seemed to apply not only to our bodies but to the perpetual Christian emphasis on brokenness.  Repent!  Confess!  Acknowledge your sinfulness!  I grow tired of this continual retracing of steps, impatient for the beckoning road ahead.  But it was the word ‘living’ that leaped out at me.  It's living tissue that is continually torn down and rebuilt.  As long as my relationship to God is alive, this biological fact seems to suggest the tearing-down process will be part of it.  The confession of sin, the admission of guilt, will go hand in hand with renewal. ... There can be no growth without pruning, no rebirth without death.

-- Elizabeth Sherrill in Journey into Rest


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