Monday, January 27, 2014


Christians believe that God is able to use suffering for our good and for the good of others as well.  Suffering is not the enemy of the Christian.  Jesus suffered before His death.  He knew what it was like to face such things, and He knew what it was to pray for God to take away the suffering.  At the same time Jesus put God's purposes before His own desire to end the suffering.  Jesus suffered immensely on the cross, but God used that suffering to save the world.  Suffering often turns us to God.  Suffering and the Christian's response to it may turn others toward God.  Suffering can deepen our faith and it can strengthen our souls.  It is a key ingredient to life; it shapes us, brings out the good in us, and makes us what we would not have been otherwise.  God is able to bring good out of evil and tragedy.

-- Adam Hamilton in Confronting the Controversies


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