Monday, January 20, 2014


Last Friday I shared a quote of mine entitled WALK THE TALK, TALK THE WALK. Today I want to share with you an application of that.

Have you ever watched a sunset at a public beach with a group of people and, when the sun was completely out of sight, you all spontaneously applauded? That happens to me when I'm photographing sunsets like the one above taken in Ephraim, Door County, Wisconsin.

What about after a beautiful snowfall when it is still silent and a blanket of pure white covers everything, do you applaud the Creator? Or when you see a stunning flower close up or walk through a breathtaking garden, do you applaud the Creator? Or when you come across an extraordinary rock formation or canyon, do you applaud the Creator? Or when you see the unique markings of a bird close up, do you applaud the Creator?

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, "Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything that is beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting." I would add, "and never lose an opportunity to applaud the Creator for His handiwork."

As a way of TALKING MY WALK I have established a photography website with a number of galleries that focus on the wonder and beauty and uniqueness of God's creation in its many forms. When you need a break from a busy day, click on the photo above to go directly to it or on the link below to go to the home page of the website where you can explore over 100 images I have captured and placed in galleries by subject. And then bookmark it, because I will be continuing to add to the selections.

And next time you see a beautiful sunset, don't forget to applaud the creator.

-- Rev. David T. Wilkinson 
David T Wilkinson Photography


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