Tuesday, September 21, 2021


The Bible tells us who God is. He’s our fortress (Psalm 18:2), our hiding place (Psalm 32:7), our portion (Psalm 119:57 NASB), our deliverer (Psalm 70:5 NIV)… among other things. But how do we really know for sure until we experience these attributes in real-life situations? Author Ron Mehl says it beautifully:

“How do I know He’s my Fortress until, with arrows flying all around me, I run with all my heart into His open gates? How do I know He’s my Hiding Place until I hear the enemy crashing in the brush behind me, feel his breath on the back of my neck, and cry out for a place of refuge? How do I know He’s my Portion until all I treasure and hold dear is suddenly threatened or taken from me? How do I know He’s my Father until I feel orphaned and abandoned and left alone in the storm? How do I -- like Peter -- learn that He’s my Deliverer until I step out of the boat and plant my foot on fifty fathoms of frothy sea?”

It’s one thing to be told something is true. It’s another thing to be shown. God established His Word to tell us who He is, but He uses circumstances to show us. 

-- Mark Atteberry in “Free Refill: Coming Back for More of Jesus”


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