Tuesday, July 13, 2021


“So Zacchaeus ran on ahead and climbed up into a sycamore tree to see Jesus, for He was about to pass that way.”  (Luke 19:4 ESV)

Let me ask you something… Do you know the redeeming love of Christ in your life? Has He turned your life around? Has He loved you into life?

There is a beautiful old story about Zacchaeus the tax collector. It tells how in later years, he rose early every morning and left his house. His wife, curious, followed him one morning. At the town well he filled a bucket, and he walked until he came to a sycamore tree. There, setting down the bucket, he began to clean away the stones, the branches, and the rubbish from around the base of the tree. Having done that, he poured water on the roots and stood there in silence, gently caressing the trunk with both hands. When his amazed wife came out of hiding and asked what he was doing, Zacchaeus replied simply, “This is where I found Christ!”…

Do you have a sacred spot where you would declare, “This is where I found Christ; this is where Christ loved me to life”? 

-- Adapted from James W. Moore and Bob J. Moore in “Lord, Give Me Patience… And Give It to Me Right Now!”


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