Thursday, January 7, 2010


The God of love and liberation remembers who we are and who we can be. This Divine Artist sees beneath the surface of our worst behavior the depths and heights of our actions, the light and shadow of our motivations, and the length and breadth of our capacity for compassion and love…

On this day, if you and I will only listen to this amazing God, we will discover God's great care for us. We are the flock of God's own keeping. We are the creation of God's own hand. Come quietly into God's presence. Envision the natural world through which we journey. Offer to God your own unique echo of the music of the seas and the weather; join in the celebration of the birds and the fields. Raise your sights to the stars and the galaxies. Just beneath the surface of our daily routine runs the living water of an everlasting spring. Strike it in faith. Drink deeply. Draw strength for today.

-- Diane Luton Blum in The Upper Room Disciplines 2002, published by The Upper Room, Nashville, TN. Used with permission.


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