Thursday, June 29, 2017


Almighty Father, You who are called the "Mighty Umpire" in this game of life, we are not sure what uniforms we should wear. While we may be Angels in spirit, in reality we are Giants of pride, Dodgers of responsibility and Tigers in ambition. When it comes to faith, we find ourselves in the minor leagues. When it comes to good works, we strike out; when it comes to knowledge of Your Word, we are not sure of the ground rules.

Therefore, we are thankful for Your mercy when we find ourselves in foul territory; for Your forgiveness when we commit one error after another; for Your uplifting Spirit when we find ourselves in the pitfalls of a slump.

Dear God, may our game plan be Your will, and our response a sellout crowd with standing room only. And, when our number is retired here on earth, may we rejoice to hear You call out, "SAFE!" in His name who gives final victory to all who believe! Amen.

-- Unknown


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