Tuesday, June 6, 2017


If we have routinely nurtured our relationship with Jesus, that provides a safety margin against the unexpected [of life]. For example, my wife has been quite careful to care for a small tree in our front yard. It is an evergreen magnolia that we both hope to enjoy as a full-grown tree one day. It has some new leaves and my wife has it staked out for protection against the wind. Due to her diligent work the tree has many new limbs and leaves. Well, along comes a stray football and one limb is suddenly ripped away! Does the tree now die? No, it does not because the other limbs and leaves can pull some extra weight for this "time of trouble."

Likewise our relationship with Jesus has multiple branches. When one branch suddenly falls under attack the others can do extra work to make up the difference. We very well may face some difficult trials in life, but our day after day nurturing of our relationship with Christ paves the way for success. When the going gets tough the Spirit is ready and willing to support and hold us firm. This simply does not happen if we have failed to nurture our relationship with Jesus.

-- Rev. Gary Stone


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