Thursday, December 8, 2016


NOTE: I was pleasantly surprised to recently find this “MUSINGS ON A MIRACLE” written 30 years ago by my late father-in-law Don Smith. I have divided it into nine parts to share here.


What does Christmas mean to me?  Well, something more than a twinkling tree,
Something more than tinsel and toys, something more than transient joys;
Something more than a hectic rush, something more than commercial crush,
Something more than Santa and sleighs, something more than the latest craze;
Something more than boisterous song, something more than spirits strong,
Something more than a candle’s glow, something more than falling snow;
Something more than jingling bells, something more than organ swells,
Something more than cards and ribbon, something more than feasts and fibbin’.

Oh, it’s fun to celebrate and spend one’s cash at a rapid rate,
To see old friends, hear their latest news, think ahead to a winter cruise,
It’s quite OK to sing and pray, for Christmas is a special day,
But when warm hearts and heartburn too, fade away and the day is through –
What has it meant and what will last when the high of Christmastide is past?
Forget for now the old clichés, let’s think anew about the ways
In which we often blithely blunder and miss the mark of Christmas wonder;
Along with you I’d like to muse about some very special news,
Perhaps rethink our long-held views about the miracle of truths
Which said in rhyme or with good reason are at the heart of the Christmas season;
Surely, friends, to feel so glad, is something more than a passing fad,
Let’s focus in on this blessed event and probe its meaning before we’re spent;
In the midst of feasting, the frost and the fizz, let’s look and see what Christmas is,
As we hear the familiar story, may we discover a greater glory –
For all our ills a certain cure and a happy hope that will endure.

-- Don G. Smith, Lorne Park Baptist Church, Mississauga, Ontario, December 7, 1986


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