Thursday, March 17, 2016


God's grace is amazing. It's like the sound of a sweet song of salvation to a sinner like me. See, I was lost but God found me and put me on His path. I was blind to my need for God, but now I see it.

Grace taught me to fear God, but God's grace also dispelled all my fears. God's grace is precious to me and came to me the very moment I professed my belief [in Christ].

I have been on a wild ride in life -- danger, struggles, temptations. But grace got me safely to this point and grace will get me all the way to my eternal home.

The Lord promises good things for me. I firm up my hope in His promises by knowing His Word. He is my protector and everything I will ever need for my whole life.

When my body starts to fail me and my earthly life ends, I will see God in heaven and know a life of joy and peace forever.

And even when we've been living with God in the brilliant light of heaven for ten thousand years, we get the privilege of singing God's praises for ten thousand more!

-- A contemporary paraphrase of John Newton's hymn "Amazing Grace" as quoted in The Wesleyan Way by Scott J. Jones


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