Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Our culture is inundated with time management tools: from daytimers to seminars on how to save, spend, invest, maximize, and catch time before it flies away!

What if time was not the fleeting, tyrannizing resource we are taught to believe it is?  What if we chose instead to view time as an expression of God?  God's speed.  God's gift to us.  A part of His very nature.  Would we so anxiously live by deadlines, join the morning rat race, or grab a minute and run with it?

Wouldn't we, instead, be moved to rethink and perhaps reshape the way we use time?  Perhaps our goal would be stewardship rather than management.  As stewards we might be more open to the purposes set down by the Chief Steward -- to give and receive, to serve and be served, to work and to rest without feeling busy or lazy.

-- Karen O'Connor in Basket of Blessings: 31 Days to a More Grateful Heart


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