Thursday, December 19, 2013


Often I stand on the edge of the light, afraid to believe, afraid to act, afraid that this story is too good to be true.

But then in my better moments, when I listen closely to the story, move closer to the light, my fears seem to evaporate like an early morning mist, and I can believe again.

I can believe that God who made all that is became clothed in our human flesh so that we might become clothed in God. I can believe that God claims me as a beloved child.  I can believe that my days are in God's strong and tender hands. I can believe that life is good, beautiful, and eternal. I can believe that not only my days but all days are in God's good and able hands.

I can believe, rejoice, and wait trustingly and expectantly for the unfolding of God's promise given in so many ways and most clearly in the Advent story.  Thanks be to God! 

-- Rueben P. Job in A Guide to Prayer for All Who Seek God  (Nashville, Tenn.: Upper Room Books, 2003, Used with permission)


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