Friday, December 20, 2013


"[The world's in] darkness,'' said Pastor Knute Larson. "But Christ came to bring light. He doesn't make us accept the light. He just offers it to anyone who honestly calls out for a Savior."

Larson said without Christ, our motives tend to be selfish, darkness lurks, and sins haunt us. We long for forgiveness, for hope, but we don't know where to look…

Most historians agree there was an actual Jesus. The debate is about His deity. Was He just a man, or was this the Son of God?

"It's the question we all face,'' said Larson. "I talked to a guy who recently gave his life to Christ. For years, he thought Jesus existed -- sort of like George Washington. But that it had nothing to do with him today. Jesus has everything to do with today, tomorrow and eternity. He came to rescue us spiritually. That's what [Christmas] is all about.'' 

-- Terry Pluto in the Akron Beacon Journal


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