Monday, July 10, 2017


I sit in the rattan chair, white terrycloth robe bundled around me.  My feet and face are chilled by the crisp Gulf breeze flowing through the open French doors.

I've come to this house to right myself in life, to wake up, to rest.  Weeks into the visit I begin constructing the life I've yet to live, from the center outward, and I start with the cog of my existence -- my faith.  My belief in another dimension, another justice, another King, another government devoid of fallibility.  My belief in a place where mercy reigns supreme and thoughtful, demonstrative, detailed love is expressed in microscopic ways.

This way is for the brave.  It allows God to be God.  It expects Him to move, but not to fit.

This road is meted out to me in small segments.  I step forward to answer the call of my first segment: Speak the truth as you have tasted it.  Sow the love as you have reaped it.  Number your days and find the joy hidden in each step.

-- Margaret Becker in “With New Eyes"


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