Tuesday, May 23, 2017


God doesn't want us continually comparing ourselves with others, saying to ourselves, "Well, there are the really spiritual folks, there are those who are next to the best, and then there's me -- a charter member of the ‘barely adequate group’."  He knows your weaknesses very well (who better?), accepts those weaknesses, and loves you in spite of them.

His individualized love does not mean that He approves of everything you do or applauds all that you lack.  Each one of us has our own set of struggles in the Christian life.  Some might boast that they've never been tempted to drink, do drugs, or chase someone else's mate.  But is that something to boast about?  Maybe the way you were raised spared you from those problems.  You might have more trouble with pride or gossip or secret idolatries.  God doesn't approve of those things either.  But He loves you, and for as long as you live, He's going to work with you on those areas.

We need to let His loyal love move and motivate us to bring our lives into alignment with His.  As we obey, saying "yes" to His Spirit in an increasing way, we grow in holiness.

-- Stephen Arterburn and Jack Felton in “More Jesus, Less Religion”


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