Tuesday, April 4, 2017


“The Lord is near to the brokenhearted, and saves the crushed in spirit.”  (Psalm 34:18)

“Religion is for old people,” my buddy declared as we drove through the countryside. I found his comment a little insulting: I was a church goer, age nineteen. Was that so wrong? I lost touch with him; now it’s been twenty-five years since we’ve spoken. But he was on to something. At twenty, the road looks clear all the way. We arrogantly waste time, try a hundred new jobs or relationships or ideologies, believe any fool thing. The heart is not yet broken, not in the way it is when time crashes down on it -- soured dreams, career missteps, divorce, illness, the death of loved ones, the passing of so much we love. By old age the ghostly procession of the once-was can be unbearable.

My heroes include any elderly persons who keep the flame lit, who still feel inspiration aand outrage at ideas, current events, history, movies, books, national tragedies, spring flowers, the passing parade. Somehow they take it all in. Life enlarges their spirit, becomes fuel for the remaining journey, seasoned with humor, not bitterness. They age with dignity. Part of the dignity is keeping the inevitable heartbreak framed by large perspectives and by going deeper into the grief, not denying it.

-- Ray Waddle in “A Turbulent Peace”


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  1. I receive this devotion via email every morning. Message is Always spot on for my current season. Today was no exception.

    I'm blessed to meet every Monday with three women who are close to 20 years my seniors for prayers and concerns. Each is an inspiration to me on their relationship with God, as well as a mentor in dealing with life on a daily - right now - basis using their years of wisdom gathering.

    I, too, have experienced many seasons in my 60 years and with their guidance have begun to understand how each season influences my ability to handle the next.
    Thank you Dave Wilkinson for starting this ministry from the season of your own personal tragedy.

    In His Name - a follower of Christ

    Vicky Call Courtney


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