Wednesday, November 30, 2016


It is Christmas time, and there is no other place on the calendar which can compare with it, no other season which makes its mark on the lives of so many people in so many ways. You can love Christmas, as most of us do, or you can dread it, as some surely do; but you can’t ignore it.

We can, however, miss the center, the point and the issue of the season, which is Jesus Christ. As a matter of fact, in our culture, you can very easily miss Him. Warren Lewis overheard a woman on a city bus in England mutter, “O, Lor’! They bring religion into everything.” She pointed to a creche in front of a church. “Look – They’re dragging it even into Christmas now.”  (William Griffin in Clive Staples Lewis, a Dramatic Life) For vast number of secular people, Jesus Christ is just that incidental to the Christmas season; so much so that they think of Him, and the religion which bears His name, as an intrusion on their conglomerate of Santa Claus, parties and shopping.

-- J. Ellsworth Kalas in a sermon entitled Matthew: Christ the Man


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