Friday, February 5, 2016


There is a story told about a man who was accused of some wrongdoing and was brought before a judge. When the judge asked if he had an attorney to represent him, the man answered, "No, I can't afford one."

The judge replied, "Well, don't worry about that.  I'll appoint a lawyer to represent you, and I will choose a real good one."

"I appreciate that, Judge," answered the man.  "But if you really want to appoint somebody to help me, what I need most is not a real good lawyer, but several real good witnesses!"

And that's what God wants too, isn't it?  Some good witnesses!  Will you step forward and volunteer for that job?  That's our calling as Christians -- to be God's witnesses.  Let's define the term.  A good witness is one who knows something firsthand, one who has seen or heard or experienced something.  A good witness is one who can bring the truth to light.

--  James W. Moore in When You're a Christian, the Whole World is from Missouri


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