Friday, January 15, 2016


The bad news is that I'm not okay and neither are you. We're both badly broken. Not "gently used," like the clothing requested by Goodwill. We're ripped, torn, and ragged. Citizens of the global junk heap.

The good news is that God makes the broken whole. He takes the overlooked, the undervalued, the left out, the written off, the damaged and destroyed, and then He does what only He can do.

God loves to make the broken beautiful.

In his book Lord, Break Me, William MacDonald points out that in the physical world, broken things lose their value. They are thrown away -- glassware, dishes, furniture. Flaws are fatal. But in the spiritual world, the reverse is true. Broken things are precious. Broken people reveal the beauty and power of God.

-- Kyle Idleman in The End of Me


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