Friday, August 28, 2015


I don't know about you, but I want God to reveal the second step before I take the first step in faith. But I've discovered that if I don't take the first step, God generally won't reveal the next step. We've got to be obedient to the measure of revelation God has given us if we want more of it. And that's why we get stuck spiritually. We want more revelation before we obey more, but God wants more obedience before He reveals more.

Most of us will only follow Christ to the point of precedence -- the place where we have been before. But no further. We're afraid of doing what we've never done because it's unfamiliar territory. So we leave unclaimed the new gifts, new annointings, and new dreams that God wants to give us.

If you want to do something new, you cannot keep doing what you've always done. You've got to push past the fear of the unknown. You've got to do something different.

-- Mark Batterson in All In


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