Monday, March 30, 2015


NOTE: Yesterday was the 16th anniversary of our SOUND BITES Ministry™.  It was begun on March 29, 1999, in memory of our son, Dustin, who had died on March 29, 1998. While today's quote is a repeat from over a year ago, it speaks to what I believe SOUND BITES is all about.

On this 16th anniversary, as I have done each year, I invite you to share how SOUND BITES has ministered to you and how you have used SOUND BITES to minister to others. Since SOUND BITES is now available via e-mail, blog, Facebook, and Twitter, you are welcome to respond through any of those means.


Rev. Dave Wilkinson

To make my mind a home for Jesus, I deliberately fill my mind with the kinds of things God says are important.  Paul puts it like this: "Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable -- if anything is excellent or praiseworthy -- think about such things." (Philippians 4:8)
We often want to be able to hear guidance from God about important decisions such as whom to marry or what job to take.  But we also want to reserve the right to feed our minds on whatever junk comes along.  Whatever repeatedly enters the mind occupies the mind, eventually shapes the mind, and will ultimately express itself in what you do and who you become.  The events we attend, the material we read (or don't), the music we listen to, the images we watch, the conversations we hold, the daydreams we entertain -- these are shaping our minds.  And ultimately they make our minds receptive or deaf toward the still small voice of God.
-- John Ortberg in God Is Closer Than You Think


  1. Sir, this ministry of yours has been such a blessing. Oftentimes, the word of encouragement badly needed at a particular moment, a word of revelation, all come to me through this ministry of 'Sound Bytes'. The sadness of the loss linked with the starting of this ministry will be there till that final reunion, till then our Lord Jesus' perfect shalom enfold you and your family.

    - rathan pau;

  2. Sound Bites is truly a blessing in my life! The recent untimely death of my son-in-law made it even more meaningful! Thank you for it!

    In His Love, J. Hunt

  3. Thank your for all of your diligence in SOUND BITES Reverend Wilkinson. My father in-law shared SOUND BITES with me after a challenging moment in my life. I felt hopeless, helpless, and broken. The Bite that was shared was about Simon Peter casting his nets with Jesus, but not catching any fish. While I never really interpreted the story from your perspective, it made complete sense after I read it again. Our tragedies, short-comings, and failures are opportunities for God, we just need to listen and try again. I still hold on to that lesson now, and even as I am typing this, I'm looking at the Anchor of Hope definition taped to my computer screen. Your Sound Bites have greatly changed my outlook on life.

    While I'm not always able to read every single Sound Bite, which I need to try harder to do, they always hit me perfectly when I reflect and pray about them. Thank you so much for what you do. If you ever feel like no one is reading or that no one cares what your writing, know that they do. They make a difference, a huge difference. Today I would like to offer a prayer for you, your family, and your son. This especially hits close to my heart as I now have a 7 month old son myself...

    Lord, this moment is for Rev. Wilkinson, his family, and his son. We can't always make sense of your plan, but that is not for us to know. 16 years ago you had a plan and as usual it changed lives forever. Whether that plan makes sense at all now or not, you have offered guidance and your people have listened. You have mended weeping hearts and asked them to become strong and lead others, and your people have listened. Bless Rev. Wilkinson and all of the tremendous work he does in your name. Continue to guide and lead him in the direction you see fit. Please continue to allow him to be your vessel and to give others hope through you. In your blessed name we pray. Amen.

    Harry Parsons

  4. Thank you! Your messages fills our hearts and mind with good ! You give us hope to move forward as our loss of our son has only been 2 1/2 yrs. You honor your son's memory and honor God! Thank you for your loving examples to lead us! God Bless!

    Doug and Paula B.

  5. Thank you again for providing "Sound Bites" as part of my daily routine or perhaps challenge sometimes. I use it sometimes as a beginning of a UMW meeting as I am president. It is also an excellent resource for written thoughts, church newsletter, and other programs whether a meditation, devotional, or even speaking opportunities in the church and church area events. For me personally, it is sometimes a challenge, or a comfort, or an inspiration, or a learning experience. The fact that it is also a living memorial makes the mailing so significant. God bless you as you provide this ministry.

    Joy Uthoff

  6. My heart goes out to you as we too lost a son, on August 26, 1973. However I rejoice on March 29, the birthday of another God fearing son. Many thanks for your wisdom and encouragement, received through Sound Bites.

    John C.

  7. I start my day with Sound Bites. I truly believe that if I start the day with Godly thoughts, then I can face the day with a spirit-filled mind.

    Janis Toepel

  8. Dear Reverend Dave,
    I sincerely look forward to your messages on Sound Bites. It usually begins my day, but today I was not feelinhg up to par, so I am getting a late start. The messages sent out on Sound Bites do a great deal in my life. As I stated they begin my day with our Lord; they often set the tone for my day especially if I have something difficult facing me, I have shared the thoughts in my sermons, in my work(what ever it may be), and they always seem to focus on what is happening in my life, I greatly appreciate what you are doing, Every blessing to you and Mrs. Wilkinson.

    Sincerely, Deacon Dorothy

  9. About 12-14 years ago my Cousin sent me Sound Bites. It was something I really needed at the time. From then on I have been sending it out to about 30 to 35 people. One mission family in Brazil, 4 Ministers and the rest to family and friends. It has helped me over the years. Thank you.

    God Bless
    Dennis B. Seeley Sr.

  10. GREAT!! I look forward to reading Sound Bites each week. Thank you for putting them out for us.
    John Tate

  11. I look forward to Sound Bites each day for direction in my life...somehow the wisdom of Biblical thoughts give me the direction of God's wisdom to approach each new day. I miss it if it is not on my iPad during the week and your email today on Philippians is a favorite. ...

    Blessings, Dave to you and your family. YOUR MESSAGE IS A BLESSING TO OTHERS,

    Judy Ambrose


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