Tuesday, October 1, 2013


The desperate man sits in the corner of the church assembly.  Dry mouth, moist palms.  He scarcely moves.  He feels out of place in a room of disciples, but where else can he go?  He just violated every belief he cherishes.  Hurt every person he loves.  Spent a night doing what he swore he’d never do.  And now, on Sunday he sits and stares.  He doesn’t speak.  If these people knew what I did….

Scared, guilty, and alone.

He could be an addict, a thief, a child-beater, a wife-cheater.

He could be a she -- single, pregnant, confused.  He could be any number of people, for any number of people come to God’s people in his condition -- hopeless, hapless, helpless.

How will the congregation react?  What will he find?  Criticism or compassion?  Rejection or acceptance?  Raised eyebrows or extended hands?

-- Max Lucado in Facing Your Giants


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