Monday, May 16, 2011


In the nineteenth century, mail delivery in parts of the western United States was done by riders on horseback. This service was called the Pony Express. They went to great lengths to reduce the weight their horses had to carry and thereby increase the speed of the mail delivery. They streamlined the saddles, enlisted teenagers of small stature as carriers, and disallowed rifles - all to cut every ounce of weight possible.
Yet each rider carried a Bible, even though the Bible and a rifle were not much different in weight. Apparently, the personnel of Pony Express believed the Bible was more valuable than a rifle. Even though they knew excess baggage was detrimental, they realized the importance of having the Bible with them.

As we make the Christian journey, we may find baggage filling our life. But allotting room for God's Word during our journey is essential. If we make no room for the Scripture in our day, we are carrying too much.

God's Word is not a weight but an asset on our journey.

-- Kenny A. Noble, from The Upper Room Daily E-mail Devotional, from a subscriber in Wisconsin


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  1. Good morning, Too bad that some, including many, I assume, of the faithful, no longer seem to feel this way! Your message today is very timely! Thank you! Nancy L., Wisconsin


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