Wednesday, May 27, 2015


The faith that [John] Wesley lived engaged head, heart, and hands. It held together both the evangelical gospel, calling us to trust in Christ as Savior and Lord, and the social gospel, calling us to be God's instruments for healing in a broken world. It was characterized by a "reasonable enthusiasm" -- guided by strong minds engaged in theological reflection and study, and at the same time marked by strangely warmed hearts and a deep spiritual passion. It combined a belief in the wideness of God's mercy with a call to holiness of heart and life. I believe that Wesley's faith -- grace-filled, authentic, passionate, personal, practical, intellectual; shared in small groups, celebrated in worship, lived out in the world -- is a faith with the power to captivate the hearts of a whole new generation of people and to bring revival in our time.

-- Adam Hamilton in Revival: Faith as Wesley Lived It


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